1941 Frozen Front

1941 Frozen Front 1.6.1

Outsmart your opponents in this cool WW2 strategy game

Battle over icy terrain in this excellent World War 2 turned-based strategy game for iOS.

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  • Excellent strategy gameplay
  • Lots of hours of play
  • Great multiplayer


  • Ads can be distracting


Battle over icy terrain in this excellent World War 2 turned-based strategy game for iOS.

Outmaneuver your opponents

1941 Frozen Front sacrifices flashy graphics or complicated processing for a focus on strategy gameplay. This is a refreshing change in a time when games are often too simplistic and lack depth. Matches are punctuated by turns in which each team moves,attacks, or fortifies their units. Each match in Frozen Front takes a considerable amount of time to play, but it’s completely absorbing.

Multiplayer is an interesting part of the game in that it’s offline. Players take turns and pass the device to one another in “hot seat” style gameplay. Prior to the match, you set how much gold you would like to start the match with and it can be used towards repairs, reinforcements, or fortifications.

How to play

You control your units by tapping on and directing them to which tiles to move to or which units to attack. This part of the gameplay is more suited towards the larger screens of tablets rather than smartphones, but this is only a minor annoyance. In any case, you place your units around the map and tap on which of your opponents units you'd like to attack.

Each unit has a strength and weakness. For example, an infantry unit might be excellent at blowing up tanks, but could be vulnerable against anti-infantry units. Things become complicated when unit vision range, each unit only being able to return fire once while on defense, and specialized units are all factored in. Another important part of the game are supply depots which can be used to either heal units or buy reinforcements.

How it looks

The unit models in Frozen Front look like pieces right out of a tabletop game. These aren't particularly flashy graphics, but the game is more focused on its gameplay. Keeping in line with the World War 2 motif, Frozen Front recaps your opponent's turn through replays which are shown through a vintage filter while the sound of a film projector plays. Explosions, machine gun fire, and the hum of engines are all of high-quality.

The Verdict

Frozen Front 1941 is a gripping game that is the perfect choice for both casual gamers and fans of strategy games.

1941 Frozen Front


1941 Frozen Front 1.6.1

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